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Cultivation: Capitalizing on a Tripling of Legal Demand

Part of the Cannabis Intelligence Briefing Series

Published October 2017

The art and science of cannabis cultivation have rapidly evolved over the course of the past few decades. With the advent of adult-use legalization in 2014, the business of cultivating cannabis is now changing quickly too.

Some of those changes are regulator-driven, but most are simply business decisions made to capitalize on a market that Arcview Market Research estimates will grow from $6.7 billion in consumer spending in 2016 to $22.6 billion in 2021.

In this report co-produced by Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics, you'll find the tools you need if you want to compete in this rapidly maturing cannabis investment marketplace. The report covers demand, key markets, and in an industry first, a comparison of the typical costs, revenues, and time to break-even associated with indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation.

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