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The State of Legal Marijuana Markets – 6th Edition w/ 2019 Update

Be the smartest person in the room.

2019 Update Available Now

The 55-page 2019 SOLMM6 Update includes:

1. Up-to-date insights into the trends driving cannabis stock values
2. Analysis of state-by-state regulations and their impact on the business opportunities there
3. Updated market-by-market forecasts of consumer spending—medical & adult-use—based on regulatory updates and current market climates
4. Implications of the FDA’s Epidiolex ruling and the new Farm Bill
5. The impact of international events, from Canada’s adult-use launch to Thailand’s medical legalization


The legal cannabis market is the most unique and dynamic market the world has seen in decades. If you are an entrepreneur, investor, or regulator that will be making expensive decisions over the next year about your involvement in this industry, then you need the best information and analysis available.

As the cannabis industry grows – for both investors and operators – market intelligence becomes a significant source of competitive advantage. Here’s what you’ll learn in the 6th Edition:

  • What the most recent shift in the political winds from Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Chuck Schumer, and Cory Booker mean for the future of the US cannabis market;
  • A province-by-province rundown on how Canadian adult-use legalization changes the entire North American outlook moving forward;
  • U.S. state-level and worldwide country-level market projections for both medical adult-use markets;
  • Analysis of the investment landscape from the perspective of capital flows, the influence of public stock movements, and the dramatic increase in institutional capital;
  • Nuanced analysis of the legislative environment and market dynamics by state and province.  This includes a county-by-county regulatory breakdown of the world’s largest (and most complex) single cannabis market, California;
  • Breakdowns and individual growth-trend analysis for the key product categories – flower, concentrates, and edibles – as well as listings of the top companies in the key sectors;
  • Analysis of both the public and private investment landscape; and,
  • Much more…

Leveraging BDS Analytics’ industry-leading GreenEdge™ Cannabis Retail Sales Tracking data, and key learnings from BDSA’s Consumer Insights division, the 6th Edition is a must-read for serious players in the cannabis industry.  You’ll receive:

  • Digital access to the 400+ page report*
  • More than 260 data-rich charts and graphs/tables
  • Downloadable slides of selected charts – so you can use them easily in presentations
  • 2019 Update (digital copy) – because the market is constantly changing we will automatically send you access to a robust semi-annual update as part of your purchase

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