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Public Attitudes and Actions Toward Legal Cannabis - CALIFORNIA

BDS Analytics Consumer Research Division celebrates the release of two inaugural reports “Public Attitudes and Actions Toward Legal Cannabis” covering California and Colorado, with Oregon and Washington now underway. 

This report examines California consumers in particular, showing that cannabis consumers include almost every sub-category of the adult population.  Clearly the expanding appeal is in part driven by consumer belief in the health benefits of cannabis and the variety of forms of products available since legalization. 

This report is based on the “BDS Analytics Consumer Trends Survey,” conducted online among 2,000 California and Colorado adults ages 21 years and older with a quota of 1,200 past-six-month marijuana consumers.

These reports together, provide the first in-depth picture of what the public is thinking and doing regarding cannabis.  The study identifies three segments of the public based on actions and attitudes toward marijuana:

  1. Consumers: Have consumed cannabis or cannabis products within the past six months (from any source)
  2. Acceptors: Would consider consuming cannabis or cannabis products in the future
  3. Rejecters:  Would not consider consuming cannabis or cannabis products in the future

Key Report Topics Include:

  • How large is the market?
  • Who are Consumers, Acceptors, and Rejecters?
  • What defines different cannabis consumer segments?
  • How do lifestyles create communication opportunities?
  • When are the occasions and what are the need states?
  • Who prefers inhalables, edibles, topicals?
  • What are the purchase drivers?
  • Who is shopping at dispensaries? What are their attitudes and practices?
  • Who is the Medical vs. Recreational Consumer, and what are their preferences?
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